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Icons of the Islands

Icons of the Islands

The news for almost every day includes articles related to the pollution and destruction of climate, land, history and wildlife in the pursuit of human happiness. It is assumed that by harvesting every natural resource available that we will make ourselves wealthy, that we will make the world a better place, that we will become somehow healthier and more capable of enjoying life.

It is also assumed by most mothers, fathers, business people, politicians, sportspersons and scientists that the world can sustain this "growth" indefinitely.

This site is dedicated to all those things we are losing through this indifference to the plight of the world. Rest here a while, and give careful and peaceful thought to things that are worth more than another billion people on this planet. Enjoy vistas that have an intrinsic value in themselves, irrespective of their value to human beings. Bear witness that you saw the  beautiful, the wild, the free. Show your children these things, teach them to care. Before these things are gone. For good.

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children".  

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